Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Room Re-do

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Time is running out!

Well, it's been a busy week!  And will be busy yet until after the weekend!  But that's ok - it's a good busy!  We're getting ready for my parents and my brother to visit us from Colorful Colorado, and to celebrate with us the graduation of my darling daughter!

Part of that prep has been getting our guest room shaped up.  On Saturday afternoon I removed the horse border that outlined the room.  It really made the room seem bigger!  WOW!  And after the walls were washed, they really weren't in that bad of shape.  I was going to paint, but just don't have time to tackle that project just now.  So I decided, since the paint is still decent, let's work with it!  I am planning on using browns and robin's egg blue in here eventually, so male guests aren't too freaked out by being surrounded by so much PINK in my house!  It's everywhere!  But this will be a good alternative.  I don't think it's too over-powering...
but then, I'm a woman!

You may remember a post awhile ago (*HERE*) about finding something WONDERFUL while out rummage sale-ing last summer for my oldest daughter's new apartment??? 
I don't think I ever actually posted what that was...

Until now!

I found this beauty sitting on the side of the road,
with a big "FREE" sign on it,
just waiting for me to pick it up!

When I stopped to gawk, I asked the kind lady that was cleaning her garage if this dresser really was free for the taking.  I just couldn't believe my eyes!

Just look at all the chippy white goodness here!
I was giddy with excitement!
It was just meant to be!
We also found my daughter's kitchen table here ~
also free!

As I was cleaning my playroom, I came accross this candle holder that I found at a thrift shop some time ago.  Just added a clip-on earring from my stash of embellishments to jazz it up a bit!

But I still needed something for the other shelf...
something simple...
           something white!

This is what I came up with real quick.

The egg is paper mache from my stash,
and the letters are actually brads that I just
poked down into the grass!
Would have used Scrabble pieces if I had them
but these will do just fine!

Then I placed my plate of altered candles in the middle.


Here is the other side of the room:

Some day, hopefully soon, I will be making some pictures to hang on the wall
~ altered canvas with sheet music & other goodies.
Yet again, no time to tackle that project...
                             Just add it to the never-ending list!

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I hope you have a
Wonderfully White Wednesday!



Deborah said...

Hi Lori!
What aa lovely blog and blog-name you've chosen!
I LOVE raspberries! lol
Love that dresser...what a great deal!
So nice to meet you..Im following you (purehunnybee) :)

Deborah \0/

Kathy said...

Yeah! That dresser is scrumptious! I would have been giddy with joy! Perfect!
So glad I stopped by!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

No way!!! no one finds that on the side of the road! I paid $300.00 for mine and it was not that pretty! Every once in awhile something like that happens and I practically hyperventilate!


32˙North said...

Hi Lori,

So nice to see a nice old Victorian dresser find a home where it can be appreciated! What a charming piece!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Beautiful! I want to go out with you and find free stuff since you find such nice items. Happy long weekend and White Wednesday too!

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Lori, what a lovely dresser! It is beautiful. Great post.

Amy said...

Hi Lori
I just wanted to comment back and say
that I love your thought of first impressions, so true.
and that you could never bore me,
I love hearing stories from others about their lives. It is so fun sharing our lives with each other

Amy said...

Hi Lori
I just wanted to comment back and say
that I love your thought of first impressions, so true.
and that you could never bore me,
I love hearing stories from others about their lives. It is so fun sharing our lives with each other

junkdreams said...

What an amazing find this was....just gorgeous!
Happy WW!

McCarthy Designs said...

Wow Lori, aren't you lucky. THe dresser look fabulous and your additions are just perfect! xx

Victoria said...

Wow, you scored finding that dresser! It's gorgeous:)

stefanie said...

FRee....oh, i would of been hugging it...its sooooo gorgeous!!!

Sandy said...

Imagine driving down the street to find that dresser sitting there with a FREE sign.. I would loose my breath!
Good for you!
Following from WW



Sandi said...

OH THAT DRESSER!! I would have jumped out of the car with it still moving had I seen a free sign! I would have even wrestled someone to the ground for it. LOL
It is gorgeous! Lucky you!!

Kate said...

You lucky princess!!! What a great find and woo hoo FREE. We love that. Love all that you have done.

Have a wonderful long and relaxing weekend


Bella said...

Hi Lori...
What a gorgeous vanity (love those little shelves), and for free.. Wow!!

Cinnamonstitch said...

oh my ,,,LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresser, how lucky to find such a lovely piece. So glad I found you. Enjoy your blog.Come by and visit some time

Kathy said...

Hello again!
Indigo says - Meow back!
Yes, I made the cake. I love strawberries and my girls love white chocolate!
Looking forward to seeing your brown/robins-egg blue room. Love that color combination!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh Man!!! You hit the jackpot with that dresser. Its gorgeous. I would have carried it home on my back if I had to. Lucky girl:)

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Wow, Lori!
I thought I found cool stuff on the curb!
I would have so taken this vanity, too.
What great height and details!
My younger daughter has a vintage vanity in her room that we painted blue--but I paid a whopping $20 for it ;)
Can I be a guest in this room?!
Is your daughter graduating from college, or High School?
I wanted to let you know that I got your entry for the birdcage and that I am going to enter your giveaway, too!
It's nice to meet another sister in Christ!
Blessings to you as you make your home!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Lori, I'm sooo loving that white dresser!!! And Free?!?! Good gosh, you are sooo lucky!! I love how you are accessorizing it, too!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents