Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Nest...

A couple, actually....

A pair even!

The results of a productive evening in the "playroom!"

For me, these are a great size ~
the nests are no larger than 3/4" wide,
which is about the size of a dime.


And I'm in the "development" stages of a coordinating necklace!

Stay tuned!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week,
                                            my friends!


Friday, October 15, 2010

More Fall Decorating on the Shelf

I took a trip to Michael's last weekend
to add some fall colors to the tops
of my bookcases in the sitting room.

I found a leaf garland and a couple bunches of white daisies to help break up all the darker colors.
I believe the pillow used to belong to my Grandma K.

 I love the gilded butterflies in fall colors!
The frame and picture are awaiting
a fresh coat of white.
But until then, they are perfect fall accents!

In my last post I had a gold teapot on this shelf.
But it has found a new spot in my kitchen.
And a little orange birdcage has taken it's place!
($1 bin at Michael's!  SCORE!)

 And replaced the candles with pumpkin scented ones.

A little more fall colors than what it started out being
but I'm happy with the results!

And here is where my gold teapot ended up:
 In my tea shop!
I wish!
It's really my kitchen...
 That little wire pumpkin is a place card holder!

 This chicken teapot belonged to my Grandma K.
I bring it out every fall!

I found this sign at a local furniture store
several years ago!
A bargin at only $40!

This weekend is our church's yearly fundraiser
at Fall Fest in beautiful Door County, WI!
We will be selling our famous,
authentic Greek Gyros!
Looks like the weather will be perfect
so there should be plenty of hungry people there!
Looking forward to a weekend of
work and play with my church family!
It is always such a good time of fun & fellowship!
Maybe I will have some pictures to share when I return on Monday.

Until then, I hope you all will have time to enjoy the beauty of God's creation this weekend!


Monday, October 11, 2010

A Gold Mine of Fall Whites

Many years ago I started a teapot collection.
I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite,
but this one always remains
on display in my cabinet.
I would say it numbers in my top 10!

I can't remember where I got it...
it was on one of my numerous 
treasure hunts.
And since I've had it for awhile now,
you can bet that it didn't cost much
as I didn't have much spare change when I
first started collecting!

Then one day, on another treasure hunt
I found a matching teacup!
I couldn't believe it when I saw it!
A perfect match!
This teacup has the sticker on it
from the original owners travels.
It says:
"Santa Claus 
North Pole

Both the teapot and the teacup have the
22 kt. gold stamp on the bottom,
but this is the stamp from the teacup:

I love using this set for fall decorating!
I pulled out some gold frames and
pictures I had bought to paint white someday
to add to the display.

 But until they are transformed, they make a 
great addition to my fall shelf-top!
Along with a pretty white curtain panel,
tied at the top with some vintage lace edging
I picked up last week on a treasure hunt
with my mom!

The key is from Michael's $1 bin!
And the candlesticks came from a resale shop 
here in town.
The frame & picture are from garage sales,
which I'm sure didn't cost more than $1 each!

This is how the display started, but it didn't stay this way!
I wanted to share this with you for 

Stop in later this week when I will show
you the final display...
"Exactly the same, but totally different!" 
as my brother always would say!

 Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Silver Sunday

Last week my parents were visiting from Colorado,
on their way to warmer climates in Savannah, GA 
then to Sarasota, FL.

And of course we did some shopping!
Went to our favorite antiques shops
and I found a couple of silver treasures 
to share with you today!

I love these little candelabras! 

They aren't that big 

But they're HUGE on style!  

Now to find a good place for them!

Also found a box of candy molds!

See the nickel in there?  Wanted to add something
to give you an idea of the size of the molds.
Not sure yet what I'll do with them...
Maybe ornaments.
Do you have any ideas???
I'd love to hear them!

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Have a beautiful fall Sunday,
My favorite time of the year!