Sunday, May 2, 2010

Entryway Transformed!

It was a productive I've put off for a long time now.  9 Years to be exact!  When we moved into our first house, the back (or side) door entry was not very impressive.  And that's the way it stayed.  The paint was cheap ~ the kind where you could see the former color underneath ~ and the coat hooks were just plain ugly!  It has always been in the back of my mind to re-do this part of the house, but it was not a top priority.  Which is really unfortunate because it's one of the first things company sees as they come into our home!  

So I decided that now was the time.  I had waited long enough!  I had cleared away a lot of the clutter a couple weeks ago ~  Removed the hooks above the coat hooks where a collection of ratty baseball caps had found their home, cleaned out the shoe basket that was full of all things NOT shoes, and found new homes for the thermal lunch boxes and plastic shopping bags full of this & that that were stored on the coats hooks just waiting to be put away....This felt so good to finish and helped motivate me to finish.  Because as I mentioned before, I HATE to paint!

Now that it's done, I can't imagine why I didn't do it sooner!

Here are some before and after shots:

BEFORE ~ looking out from the kitchen ~ very blah!

The paint color is called Banana Cream by Behr.  LOVE Behr paint!
The hooks started out black but I spray painted them off-white to match the arch.

BEFORE ~ looking up the stairs

(I still have to replace the trim from when the doors were replaced)

Inside the doorway into the kitchen:
At the bottom of the stairway, going into the family room in the basement:

I cool-melt glued this butter pat to the circle in the iron arch just for fun!  
It can always be removed later if I want.

The swag is one I made for my Etsy shop but didn't sell, and the dish is one of my all-time favorites.  
Love the square shape!

I found this step ladder at a garage sale last spring.  I was going to paint it white, but decided I liked the aged look of the natural wood and the signs of use better.

Today I've found myself by the counter in the kitchen, just looking into my new entryway!  
It's so bright!  
I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon,
but for now ~
It's wonderful!


Shirley said...

What a great change. Looks great. Love that color of paint. I love Behr too : ))

Anonymous said...

Great transformation!! I have a back entry way that is teeny tiny and stairs go down to basement then to the left up to the kitchen! My is it hard to figure out what to do!

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty Lori! I never really noticed your entry before, but the before and after pics are great. I love what paint can do!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lori, look at all the space to hang MORE PRETTY THINGS!!

Looks wonderfully inviting!


Atticmag said...

Very nice redo -- light and bright. Jane F.

Maureen said...

That is an amazing transformation. Isn’t it great what a little paint can do? And you are so right, that plate from my giveaway would be perfect for that area. I’m a follower now, can’t wait to see your next transformation. Thanks for stopping by my Cottage.