Friday, May 21, 2010

A Gift from a Sweet Friend

This week I was given a gift from a special friend!

Now, when she said she had something for me,
I was not surprised.
Kim is always looking for bargains and usually finds some really cool stuff!
She is a generous soul, and always shares her finds
with those around her.

A beautiful cross necklace!

I don't think it's vintage, but it sure has that look,
which I love!
It looks like someone may have made this piece...

This will definitely be getting some wear time!

Thank you, Kim!  I will treasure it!

Looks like a busy weekend ahead!  
Getting ready for my daughter's high school
graduation party next weekend.
Lots to do!

But I wonder if I can get a rummage sale or two in.....
Wouldn't want to miss anything, you know!

And don't forget about the Cottage Charm Giveaway!
Less than a week is left to sign up!
Click *HERE* to enter your chance to win!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
and that the sun is shining bright
in your neck of the woods!
Thanks for stopping in today!



Delcie said...

How sweet is the gift and I love how you displayed it on the sheet music.

Dorthe said...

Hi , love the cross, you recieved,
it is very special, and beautifull.
xo Dorthe

MosaicMagpie said...

What a lovely friend!