Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White Wednesday

As promised, some White Wednesday photos from my trip to Madison last week!
I just laughed when I saw this wall at Fontaine!
What a clever idea!
These "mounts" are made of white cardboard.

Saw this pretty thing at Rowe Pottery, 
along with these beautiful white works of art!

And some of my own Whites!
Posted pics of this shelf in the previous post, but LOVE it too much to not show it again!  I just placed vintage sheet music against the back of the shelf (not attached in any way), and added the lady statuette and boot vase draped with pearl beads.
I did some rearranging of the bookshelves this past weekend as well.
I put the family pictures that were spread around the room on one shelf.
Then I pulled out my tea set my husband gave me for one of our anniversaries several years ago (wish I could remember which one it was...).  This set is from the Mud Pie collection.  He found it on one of our weekends up in Door County.  This is my favorite tea set that I own!
This bookcase is on the other side of the doorway.  I decided to move the topiary (available in my Etsy shop!) and my fat birds from around the piano to the top of the case.  The middle shelf has my pics of my beautiful daughters when they were wee little ones, and one of them together this past Christmas.
The pillow is from my grandmother.  I think she made it from a table runner and a pillow case ~ there is a couple layers in there.  It is embroidered on the front, but there is a tear along the bottom, so I keep it up high and out of reach of little dogs that like to chew on soft things!  The plate is a thrift find.
And the middle shelf is a tribute to my mom!  That's her in the picture and the bowl is one she used as a child. She loves and collects teddy bears so whenever I see a cute teddy I think of Mom!  

And of course my Easter bunnies!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Easter Blog Hop Bunnies

Did a little Easter decorating today.
Rearranged some things,
pulled some things out from hiding,
and I'm very happy with the results!
My little bunny corner by the piano.
The bunny pool is sitting on top of a book that I took the cover off of.  It was actually just hanging on by threads so I just helped it along a little!  
I like the look...
I've had this "pool" for a long time ~ forgot I had it!  And it's one of my favorite pieces!  I'm so glad I found it again!

The chocolate bunny has glitter on it, too but it's hard to see in the picture.  He is not vintage ~ found him just a couple weeks ago.  But the butter dish he's sitting on is vintage!  
The egg is decopaged with vintage book print.
The white bunny is also one I've had for many years.  I used to collect rabbits (had 4 live ones at one point) but I've given most of them away or sold them.  One of those regretted things, I'm afraid...
The bunny statuary stays in the house all year ~ another favorite!
I'm very happy about how this little shelf turned out!  It has been sitting neglected on top of my bookcase for many years with the same boring items inside.  Once spring and Easter have passed until next year, I will be moving this shelf to a seat of honor on top of the piano!

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Really Cool Junky Sconce!

Check out this cool idea for transforming a silver wall sconce! I collect anything that has to do with teapots and teacups and this would be the perfect way to display a pretty teacup as well as add function since I never actually use my pretties for tea.
I found this idea at Junk Market Style
Thanks RustyDiva for a terrific idea!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get-Away to MadTown!

I must say that the past 2 days have been the best I've had in a very long time!
Spending some quality time with my daughter was the absolute best!!!
We had a great time in Madison!

On the way there, we stopped for lunch in Beaver Dam.  A friend recommended we eat at Benvenuto's ~ and boy, am I glad we found this place!  Thanks for the tip, Suzanne!!!  We almost didn't find it ~ it was quite by accident actually.  I just pulled off on one of the exits for Beaver Dam because I was going to look for a little antique or specialty shop, but we couldn't find any.  So we pulled out the trusty Tom Tom and looked for the restaurant.  Couldn't remember the name Suzanne gave me, but knew I would recognize it if I saw it.  And wouldn't you know that it was right there where we had pulled off!  Just tucked back behind another restaurant so it was hard to see.

They had yummy bread with dipping oil

Taylor had Shrimp Capallini

and I had Spinach Ravioli with BOTH marinara & alfrado sauce
(the alfrado was the BEST!)

Our hotel was right across the street from The Alliant Energy Center where the concert was to be!  How nice was that!!!!  We had GREAT seats!  Right in the middle, row M...PERFECT!

(This is our view of the stage from our seats!  WOW!)

We weren't able to take pictures during the show...bummer!

And Celtic Woman is beyond words ~ what an amazingly talented group of musicians!
Their voices were heavenly, and that violinist ~ WOW!
She danced and jumped and spun around, all while playing the violin with amazing perfection!

Here is a link to a video of them singing "Danny Boy."  I tried to figure out how to actually place the video on my blog, but couldn't.  I'm a bit technically challenged...

I picked this particular song because it struck a soft spot in my heart.  My father-in-law, Dan, is dying of prostate cancer.  It won't be much longer until he is Home with his Father.  It will be a rough next few days as the time is growing short....  This song has been a favorite of his as his sister used to sing it to him when they were young.  Let me tell you, it was touching to hear Celtic Woman sing this song!

Of course, while we were there we did some shopping!  Found a couple antique malls, and a couple really cool shops!  One we just stumbled upon when looking for an art glass shop Taylor found in the phone book!  This shop was AWESOME!  If I had a shop, it would look really similar to this one!

There's more...but you'll have to come back for White Wednesday to see!

We also found a pottery shop in a quaint little town called Cambridge.  Unfortunately, we arrived at 4PM, and they rolled the streets up at 5PM!  We did manage to run thru a couple neat places.  The next time we are in the area, we will plan on spending more time here!

Rowe Pottery ~ really cool stuff in here!

Got myself one of these!

Again, there is more from this shop, but will have to wait until White Wednesday!

And last but not least, my found treasures!
Once I figure out how to scan a picture to share with you all, I will get that little picture on here.  It's really cute with a little boy & girl on the front porch of a house.
Found a Pottery Barn at the mall, so I picked up the bird mug for my desk at work.  The pottery mug with the heart on it is from Rowe Pottery.  The little birdy on the side of the nest is actually a clip-on!  Cool!
Was VERY excited to find the door plate!
And Taylor collects boxes (roses on top) and squirrels (green glass)!

Going to try my hand at those cool altered bottles inspired by so many of you!
At $1 each, couldn't pass them up!

Sorry for the long post!
Thanks for bearing with me!
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