Monday, March 15, 2010

A Birthday Celebration!

This last weekend we celebrated my oldest daughter's 19th birthday!  It was so good to have her home for more than just 1 day!

We started the fun by going out for dinner at a locally owned Italian restaurant called Savvy's.  YUMMY!  Last week my husband stopped in the place and asked if they made gnocchi - that's my daughter's favorite Italian meal.  When he explained why he was asking, they said that they would have it especially for us on Saturday night!  That was so cool!  This place is AWESOME!  The prices are so reasonable, especially considering they give you enough in one portion to really have 4 meals!  It really is amazing!  

See!  Our HUGE pizza is forcing its way into the picture!

Then they have these garlic knots - you can see them on the edge of DD plate - are wonderful!
~~~ And to top it all off ~~~


Deep fried dessert bread, rolled in powdered sugar & topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!

So, after we rolled ourselves home, DD opened her gifts.

I didn't have any good wrapping paper, so I just stamped some butterflies onto newspaper stock from the local paper in her favorite color and added tulle ribbons.  I like this look!  I will be doing this again!

Here's a picture of her card I made.

The ribbon rose was made using a strip of torn muslin.  The edges of the card papers and the muslin rose are distressed a bit with Torn Paper distressing ink by Tim Holtz - love that stuff!  (sorry for the poor lighting again!)

After church on Sunday we had some of our closest friends over for a little party.  She really enjoyed catching up with everyone again ~ it's been way too long!

Here she is with her loot, and her dog (which is now our dog cuz she couldn't take her with her).

They grow up so fast!  It seems like just yesterday she was running around the house playing dress-up and "store"...

I love you, my Bri-bee!

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Melinda Cornish said...

they grow up so fast! it looks like it was a wonderful Birthday!