Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Home

Do you remember this rosette?

Well, it has found it's permanent home...

...on this muslin drawstring bag I made last week!

I needed something to carry all my
"junk" to work every day.
And when it's not in use, it looks great
hanging in my entryway, waiting for it's next journey!

Pretty simple!

And I LOVE it!

Thanks for stopping in today!
Hope you are having a fantastic day!



Anonymous said...

Lori, I think muslin is the best fabric ever invented! It can go upscale or rustic! It fits everything and everywhere! This is sweet!
Hugs, Diane

Dorthe said...

How wonderfull it looks at your new string bag-a very lovely bag, indeed, -so beautifull to carry.

JoAnne said...

Hi Lori,
I love it too! Functional and very beautiful!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lori:
It's beautiful! What a lovely way to carry something with you. I saw that Taylor said you guys live in Green Bay. I have family there, and my mum is in Menomonee, MI, not too far away.
I grew up in Fond du Lac, and my husband and I lived in Campbellsport for 17 years before moving to FL. Small world, isn't it?

Roselle said...

Gorgeous! The rosette, the bag, all of it. YUM!


TinyBear said...

Your bag is just wonderful Lori - perfect with the rosette
xo Tina

boliyou said...

So pretty! I love the heart garland it hangs beside, too.

sissie said...

Hi Lori,
What a cute bag and I love the rosette on it. It's always great to have a pretty bag big enough to hold all our goodies.