Saturday, September 11, 2010


A little braver when the skies are gray,
A little stronger when the road seems long,
a little more of patience through the day,
And not so quick to magnify a wrong.

A little kinder, both of thought and deed,
A little gentler with the old and weak,
Swifter to sense another's pressing need,
And not so fast the hurtful phrase to speak.

These are my goals - not flung beyond my power,
Not dreams of glory, beautiful but vain,
Not the great heights where buds of genius flower,
But simple splendors which I ought to gain.
-- Edgar A.Guest

Good and beautiful are the souls who take deeply into themselves the seeds of the Word, and keep them,
and tend them with care.
-- St Cyril of Alexandria

 Wishing you a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Lori. Something I need to think about reaching for too. Thank you.