Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orthodox Pascha

This post does not have much to do with paper crafting, but in a round-about way it is about crafting of some sort....

This week is Holy Week for Eastern Orthodox Christians. Yesterday we celebrated Great & Holy Friday (Good Friday) - the crucifiction and burial of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Tonight at 11:30PM we will be starting the celebration of Pascha (Passover), the Glorious Resurrection of Christ.

It is Orthodox tradition to exchange red eggs at Pascha. The egg is a universal symbol of life, and the color red serves to remind us of the precious blood of Christ that was shed on the cross for the salvation of all.

I found this information on a blog regarding the origination of the red eggs: "There exists a tradition which makes Mary Magdalene to be the originator of the custom of using red eggs on Easter day. After the ascension of our Saviour, Mary Magdalene went to Rome to preach the Gospel and, appearing before the Emporer Tiberius, she offered him a red egg, saying: 'CHRIST IS RISEN....' Learning about this offering...the early Christians imitated her, presenting each other with eggs. Hence, eggs began to be used by Christians in the earliest centuries as a symbol of the Resurrection of Christ and of the regeneration of Christians for a new and a better life."

Yesterday, on Great & Holy Friday, I made a batch of Pascha eggs:

And tonight after the celebration of The Divine Liturgy of Pascha, we will join our church family in the breaking of the lenten fast with the eating of the blessed eggs, and proclaiming with all of heaven and earth....


You can find more information on The Orthodox Church on the St Matthew Orthodox Church's website.

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