Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today is THE Day!

Today, my first baby
is getting married!

I know....

What am I doing here???

Had a little time...


for the cake...

for the bride and her attendants to arrive...

So I figured I'd take the opportunity
to finally post a couple pictures 
from her shower.

Sorry it took so long!
The set-up
My Baby!

My & my girl!

Both my babies! Aren't they beautiful!

I will post some pictures of the wedding after things calm down.
Time to go get dressed!

Have a blessed day!



Dorthe said...

Hi Lori,
congratulations with the wedding of your first born--I hope the day have been -(is) the most wonderful, and beautiful, day in her life- and yours.
You are all looking so sweet and beautiful.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what a special day, can't wait for wedding pictures, us bloggers love weddings!


Julie S. said...

Hi Lori,

I've been getting updates from your blog on a regular basis, but had forgotten or had no idea that you were behind Raspberries & Rose Petals!

Congrats on Brianna's wedding! Wow, how she's grown! I didn't even recognize her from the photos. I still recognized Taylor, though!

Hey, I know you've been super busy, but now that the wedding has passed, maybe we can plan another crop day on a Saturday!

I have some awesome new dies & stamps, & the Grand Calibur, & we could really have a blast. You mentioned that you love anything frilly or shabby, & I just ordered some doily dies from Cheery Lynn Designs, which should arrive this week. I also ordered some embossing plates from them, one of which is "old parchment. Take some time to check out their website, if you haven't yet. You'll be amazed! They're going to be releasing 40+ more dies in September. And Spellbinders has some awesome new dies that'll be releasing the end of August!