Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Trip to Colorful Colorado!

On Sunday, we returned from a trip to visit my family in "Colorful Colorado!"  We had a great time visiting many of the typical tourist sites around Colorado Springs and taking in the beauty of the west!  It is so different from where we live in the Midwest.  Really makes one appreciate the beautiful diversity of God's creation!

On Saturday, after we arrived from a long 20 hour drive, we freshened up and visited Helen Hunt Jackson Falls, nestled in the foothills near The Broadmoor. Such a beautiful place! 

After dinner we went to Palmer Park Lookout in the center of town to watch the sunset
and see the city lights.
So pretty to watch the sun set behind the mountains!

On Sunday we drove around the Air Force Academy campus....

...and topped the day off with pizza at Fargo's!
This place is really cool, with a parlor-type atmosphere!

On Monday we went to Denver for the day to do some shopping, and to catch up with my college roommate, who I haven't seen in 20 years!  It was so great to see her and her beautiful family!  But, alas, I did not bring my camera....not good!

Knowing that the kids would not be interested in shopping or visiting old friends, they literally "took a hike" along Waldo Trail, located in the foothills just shy of Manitou Springs.
They had a great hiking adventure for
7 hours!!!

On Tuesday we ventured up Pikes Peak, America's Mountain!
This is one time when I'm glad NOT to drive!
The drop-off are really something!
But the view is worth it! 
At 14,110 feet above sea level,
it is the most visited mountain in North America and the second most visited mountain in the world behind Japan's Mount Fuji, and is the 31st highest peak out of 54 Colorado peaks!!!
A bird's eye view of Colorado Springs!
(see the black bird almost in the middle of the pic?)
And a view of the Continental Divide!
On Wednesday we did some more shopping &
just hanging out to relax a bit!
Been busy!
Here's a pic of my finds of the week!

On Thursday we went to Garden of the Gods to have some family pictures done
Such a pretty background!

These rocks are AWESOME!
The kids also did some hiking here!

To top off the week of fun, we went to "The Barn" in Castle Rock!
An INCREDIBLE place.... 
...where almost the entire upper level is
But you'll have to stop by tomorrow for
White Wednesday to see more
Whitewashed beauty!!!  :)

And that evening, we visited the Flying W Ranch,
which is an actual, functioning cattle ranch that
hosts chuckwagon suppers every night!
Mmmmmm....served chuckwagon style!
Complete with singing around the campfire...
well, so to speak!
The Flying W Wranglers were so fun to watch!
Some great musicians here!
A fun time was had by all!!!
Well, that tops off our trip.
If you ever get out to Colorado,
there's so much to see and do!
I guarantee it would be a trip
well worth your while!!!

We had a great time visiting Mom & Dad,
and my brother!
You always make our trips memorable!
Thanks for your generous hospitality!
Love you all!

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