Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forgotten Treasure

The other day, Taylor & I were in my craft room looking for sheet music she could use for a project she was working on when she stumbled upon this book.

It's a beautiful music book I bought, I believe it was last year, and put on my shelf ~ out of sight and out of mind! I can't believe I actually FORGOT that I had this! It is so beautiful!

I love the way the pages look, and the beautiful song titles...

And every now and then there is a picture, either of a composer or a vocalist. The back of the book even has biographical information on the composers and artists.

I just can't bring myself to take this book apart! Some day I will figure out how to scan pages from books to be used in projects. But until then, it will sit on our piano, where it belongs. Maybe someday my daughter will be able to play some of the songs for me...wouldn't that be a nice treat!

I did find, with the help of one of my favorite blog sites The Feathered Nest, a website that provides sheet music from all time periods. So if you are looking for sheet music to use in a project, this is much easier to use than precious treasures of the past! ~Click here ~ to check it out.

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~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

HI Lori, It's nice to meet you this is what OWOH is all about. I'm so glad I found your lovely blog. Please don't pull the book apart. I don't have a scanner either but I know it can be done without ruining the book. It is lovely. I love Hope's lace mental.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~