Thursday, July 11, 2013

In My Happy Place

Yes, I am finally here,

in my happy place!

The place I can dream...

The place I can create...

The place I can escape...

This is it!
As mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I have recently become "empty-nesters."
When my youngest left the nest earlier this spring I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the room... 
My craft room has been in the basement of our home for 12 years now and has gone through many changes. But it has never been the space of my dreams. The basement, although finished, is very cold and dark, and I found that even when I wanted to go down and work on a project, I would not because it was so cold and unorganized.
I started working on transforming the then vacant bedroom on Memorial Day weekend when my oldest daughter (bless her heart!) volunteered to help me paint. The walls were previously candy apple green and hot pink, so I knew it would be quite the chore to cover it. It took 2 coats of primer, and 2 coats of paint with primer to cover the bright colors! If it had not been for my daughter volunteering to help, it would still not be done to this day as I hate to paint!

There's still a lot of work to do, but that's ok!
I've gotten a lot done in just a couple months...
~ OK ~
~ Enough talk ~


  Come on in and sit awhile!

I wanted to have enough space to be able to have a friend
over to create, laugh, and have fun together.
My table is the first thing you see when you walk in.
The table is made of a hollow-core door
attached to two 9-cube shelf units.
Plenty of space to spread out!
Eventually, the frame propped against the side of the shelves will be a bulletin/cork board.
I like having the display space on the end
that holds some of my favorite things:
string, lace, pearls, buttons, tart tins, old clothespins.
To the right of the table is where I store most of my
embellishments and paper.
Drawers hold doilies, slides and molds, vintage baubles, seam binding & rickrack,
chipboard, and paper punches.

The drawers on the end here hold pieces of ribbon that are not on spools.
The 6-drawer unit on the floor holds scrap paper organized by color.
The lanterns in the corner are from my daughters wedding shower.
They were too pretty to throw in a box!
8x11 card stock and 8x8 paper stacks are along the top right.
12x12 paper stacks are in rack to the left.

This shelf holds some of my papers for altered art: cardboard, pattern paper, tissue paper, old mail order catalogs and music books. Also: watercolor paper, glossy paper, suede, vellum.
The drawers hold tags and picture slides.
I have more 12x12 paper downstairs to place in these bins, organized by theme.
Just waiting to get more holders...
Bottom row is 12x12 organized by color.
My 6x6 and 4x6 paper stacks are in the bottom drawer.

My spice racks at the end wall hold some of my favorite embellishments.

I thrilled to find the test-tube holder at an antique mall last month ~ a steal at $19!
Been looking for something like this since my friend
gave me the test tubes a couple years ago.
Still thinking about what to put in them...

A couple cards I made last weekend in my new space!

This is my "Faith" section.  I've collected a few rosaries and a scapular,
and many crosses and prayer tokens over a couple years.
The containers in the box are for sorting beads and embellishments,
and to hold small items together for projects in progress.

The icon is of St. Philothea.
She was a martyred nun of the Orthodox Church who helped support her home monastery by crafting items to sell at the local market.
I used a mail holder for my paper cutters,
and there's room for growth under this end of the table.
Other cubes hold different sizes of envelopes.
The black bin is where I place papers to be recycled.

Before we started painting the room, I threw away the blinds for the windows,
thinking that I would just buy new ones.  Well, I would need to have them cut
to size and just haven't gotten around to it. So instead, I placed some sheer black
fabric in front of a rectangular lace tablecloth, and clipped it up onto the curtain rod!
I love the look, and it lets in just the right amount of light while still providing privacy.
I still need to find a rectangle tablecloth for the other window -
the oval one that's up there now just doesn't hang right...
you'll see that in a bit.

I'm still searching for an old wooden hanger for my baby slip.
Wire will do for now!

And here is the wall to the left of my table.
The tall cabinet holds books, magazines, and photo boxes.
And next to that is my stamp station!

The cubes on the left hold my loose, unmounted stamps, like TAC.
The drawers on the right hold reinkers, embossing powders, glitter, markers, paints, chalks.
The stack of sewing drawers hold my Tim Holtz distress inks, paints, embossing powders and markers.
Glimmer Mists are on turn table.
Above the table on the shelves are bins of
Close To My Heart and other acrylic stamp sets.

Bins of acrylic blocks, wheel stamps from Stampin Up,
more acrylic stamps, and some pretties.

The 4-drawer unit holds flat lace scraps and flowers,
and the storage unit on top of that holds
wood mounted stamps.
The hardware bin on the wall has different charms and clips that I use on cards, along with other embellishments.
My friend's dad made the ribbon rack for me!

Right inside the door is my cutting station
for my Cricut and Cuttlebug.
Cricut cartridges are in wood cabinet,
and Spellbinder dies, embossing folders and
other diecuts are in the storage bin.
This is where I will put my framed corkboard
when it's done.

Beside the closet is a little shelf where I have my game pieces on display,
and my collection of bottles and jars.
The folders in the metal cart have small stamps and embellishments stored in divided pages.
(See what I mean about the oval tablecloth
not hanging right?)

I love these old game pieces!
Pails in the middle hold Scrabble tile stands and cardboard for bookmarks.

These bottles have been hiding in a closet for many years.
So glad to have them out where I can enjoy them now!
I have the closet divided up with wire cubes
for more storage.
The drawers under the closet hold material
and knitting yarn and needles.

Outside my door in the hallway is my
collection of old books.
Some to be used in altered art, some for inspiration
(poem and prayer books).
My youngest daughter painted the rose picture on the wall when she was in junior high.
I love it, and will NEVER take it down!

So, that ends my tour.

But now...

These are a few of my favorite things:
(caught you humming!)

~ picture of my parents when they were dating ~
~ one of my favorite visitors, Buster Chops ~
I am so excited to be able to participate in this years'
hosted by Karen Valentine!

I have been following Karen's beautiful blog for several years now,
and have been so inspired by her work.
Thank you, Karen, for your dedication and support
to all of us out here in blog-land!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my happy place,
and that it has inspired you in some small way.
Please check out Karen's blog for more
inspirational tours of

Where Bloggers Create!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Your new space is fabulous, Lori! You're quite the inspiration.

Karina said...

Love the new space Lori!

You are sooooo organized - all the white organizational things look great with your vintage/shabby chic style - too cute.

Congrats on finally having a space upstairs! :)

Love, Karmin

Carmen said...

Lori, you've got some great furniture in your craft space! However, you spice racks and test tube holder really inspired me - what great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Marianne said...

I enjoyed the tour through your fabulous space. I love the sheers over lace idea for windows. My space does not have windows....but my daughter loves shabby chic and I'll bet this would be so pretty with white too.

Marlynne said...

I can just feel how happy you are with your new studio! You should be too, it's lovely!

Connie said...

Your studio is lovely and your little dog looks just like my Butchy.
I am your newest follower, Connie :)

StasaLynn said...

Wow! What a great space! I love your curtains.... so creative. You have awesome collections and so many fun areas to enjoy! Thanks for sharing your space and Take care!

Boxwood Cottage said...

You have some great storage pieces in your happy place and I love your neutral color theme!
I enjoyed touring your studio and hope you'll come over to visit mine too.
Sending you happy Summer greetings from Germany

Kadee Willow said...

Even though the house seems a bit strange when we become empty nesters, it also brings us back to who we were before we started our families. I'm so excited you've been let loose from the basement.. LOL! And what a great job you did with the bedroom, now your studio! Very well organized and lots of special touches. Love the test tube holder ~ you were lucky to get this one! Love the photo of your parents! Again lucky to have this! It's such a great shot of them! Thanks for sharing your space. And before I forget.. you did an amazing job with the look of your blog.. so delightful!!!

cathy @ ma vie trouvee said...

What a lovely space you have, so organized and neat. and I would love to come and sit and create with you! cheers from singapore : )

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love how you've got your room sectioned off in areas. That big work surface is the middle would be heaven to me. Add the storage you are getting, too, from the base and you couldn't ask for more than that for a work table! Thanks for sharing your space!

Cbug Art said...

a very nice space and love that you made a space for a friend to share your creativity. the test tones are awesome and I was thinking to put glitter in them if I find a similar treasure.

farmhouse-story said...

love all the many storage options you have in your charming spot:) your white pup goes with your new room, too!

bobbie said...

What a fabulous room! Your organization is excellent, and I love how you've include so many personal 'pretties'!
Thanks much for the tour ~

Tea in the Library said...

A very nice space. Nice balance of inspiration, organization and décor.

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful space! Love your table and all those cubbies!! And you have a real desk to boot!!!.

I think everything is looking lovely.

Happy Crating
Tracie said...

How fun. This is a great space with many treasures in it. I'm glad your upstairs. I just brought mine studio up. I especially love that doily hanging from the shelf above one of the windows.

big hugs

Karen Valentine said...

Lori you have a created a beautiful artistic haven for yourself! I know what you mean when you call it your happy place. I refer to my studio as that all the time. Thank you so much for participating WBC this year (and for your sweet shout out at the end of your post) I hope to see you next year too!!!

Nanna said...

you must be so proud of your new room! the hard work paid off, it is beautiful!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Lori lovely to meet you here and to this fantastic studio space. I really love it and would be so happy to working in there with so much amazing storage at your fingertips - lovely organization. Love all the special items also at the end just as you do!
Thank you for your kind visit and I'm wishing you luck for the Giveaway too.
Thanks for sharing your new space here with us - it's just perfect!

Maureen said...

Aw, love Buster! What a cutie... but I also ADORE that test tube holder! Fab! I have always wanted to get a set for my studio too... one day I hope to find as cool a set as yours. Thanks for the tour!

CatieAn said...

hi Lori
I am like the mad hatter, late for the party!! This summer has been full of medical challenges and lots of family so blogging has been on the back burner. I am just touring everyone's studio now. I love your new space. It is so welcoming and love filled. Thank you for sharing. I am finding so much inspiration in every studio.

Home Design said...

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Clipping Path said...

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