Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm Back!

It's a Give-Away!!! Hooray!

I's been awhile since I've been "here."  
Can't really explain where I've been, 
other than by saying that life happens, and time flies!

So, to make my come-back to blog-land,
I'm here to announce a give-away
from one of my favorite bloggers!

Call me biased....

Yes, she's my daughter!!!

Taylor over at Lady Lemondrop's Sunroom
is having a give-away for her 100th post!

Taylor is a naturally talented knitter ~
She runs circles around me with all her projects!

You know those people that can just look at a pattern
and read it, and say,
"Oh yah - this is what that means,"
without really having to think about it?
Well that's Taylor ~
not me!

Anyway, back to the give-away...


Isn't this hat just the cutest?!?!
She is knitting this pattern in the softest evergreen yarn I've ever felt!

So check out her blog
and sign up for the give-away!

And let her know I sent you! 


I'm hoping to have a few projects to post here
in the near future,
so please check back.
I promise it won't be another year!

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KH said...

Good to see you "back"! Miss you guys!