Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unclutterd and Feeling Good!

Yesterday I spent most of the day
de-cluttering my kitchen!

I have wanted to do this for a very,
VERY long time!

There was so much stuff around 
that it made any kind of work in here 
practically impossible!

Now....I'm very nervous and embarrassed
to show you these pictures!
But you need to see them 
in order to understand
the relief and satisfaction I'm feeling!

Ok....take a deep breath....
Here goes nothing!
Please don't faint!
It does get better!

Here's what it looked like before I started:

Boy, I had my work cut out for me!

This counter is a magnet for anything 
and everything to gather,
Tupperware that won't fit in the cupboard!
 Unfortunately I had to remove the green bin because
water had gotten underneath
and it was not a pretty sight!
I will clean the bin up and use it somewhere else,
away from any water source!
I like it too much to get rid of!

The toaster is too big for this space.
And it also is a gathering place
for anything that I didn't have a place for.
The book and the bag have been there for....
well, let's just say it's been awhile!
 The bin in the corner holds necessary items:
like nails, screws, sewing thread & needles
for quick fixes, plate hangers.
But these things are not needed on a daily basis.

Morning coffee was always a battle!
There was always something in the way 
of the coffee pot, 
and I was always moving things around 
to get to anything.
The cookie jar, which holds tea bags and coffee filters,
was too big for the space,
and I never used anything in the wire basket
except the sugar shaker.

That was painful!
I hope you are still with me!

Now, for the AFTER!
 Much better!
And LOTS of it!

Here is my new coffee/beverage station! 
My homemade hot chocolate mix and loose tea
are in the round jars.
I was excited when I discovered the jars fit
LIKE A GLOVE in the white wire basket!
Pens and paper are now in the drawer where they belong!

 And I found this basket in the new spring product
section of our NEW Hobby Lobby!
(it opened last Tuesday & I've already been there twice!)
 Coffee filters and scoop - another perfect fit!
 HL also has coordinating wall plaques
that I will probably be purchasing to cover the 
hideous laminate on the back-splash of my counters.

 Toaster & knife block are now over between the
stove & fridge, freeing up A LOT of space on this counter!

Not sure what to put in the bottom 
of this basket yet (bananas?),
but the top, since it's hard to get to,
is now home of a teapot trinket box and mini teacup.
Will be looking for some greenery to place behind it, too.
This little wire teacup holds recipe cards while cooking!

 And my odds-n-ends bin found it's new home 
on top of the fridge, 
along with my spoon-lady and her cow.
The basket holds snacks & such.

So there it is - my weekend kitchen project.
Largely inspired by Leslie's kitchen transformation at
Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!
I'm hoping to have the cabinets refaced
and the countertops replaced in the near future.

Well, time to go watch the last half of the Packer/Bears game!

~~~GO PACK GO! ~~~

 Have a wonderful weekend!



Sara said...

wow I wouldnt feel too bad about your before photos you should see mine. You have a lovely big kitchen mine is so small Hugs Sara

Lady Pamela said...

Lori, that was absolutely inspiring. I had started decluttering my upstairs and when it came down to the main living area downstairs I had run out of steam. I think you have given it back to me. Way to go! and thank you.

Rebecca said...

Even though the Packers won and my life will be miserable for awhile... I will still leave a comment :)
I am doing the same thing right now only in my computer room... a small space jammed to the gills with stuff! I have been at it a week now and I am starting to see the light a the end of the tunnel. If you think your kitchen is messy, stay tuned! BTW my kitchen is next
It looks fantastic!