Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I know it's a little late (in more ways than one), but here it is. I made this card for my mom's birthday but couldn't post it until I was sure she received it....which she did, but late. Used another Mojo Monday sketch for this one.

I also posted some Christmas stuff below. I think when I messed with the time stamp on my post, it messed up the auto notification. So be sure to check out the 2 posts below this one if you haven't seen them already (Mom - that means you'll actually have to click on my blog title"Scrapin' Just 4 Fun" to go to it...just so you know). :)

We're expecting a big storm tonight, just in case you haven't heard. This means my daughter probably won't make it home for Christmas Eve. I knew the day would come when we couldn't be together for Christmas, but I just didn't figure it would happen so soon. But not a whole lot you can do about the weather, so we'll just make the most of it. Hopefully it will be cleared out enough on Christmas Day to make it to her and to Jim's family.

And I hope you and yours have a Very Merry & Safe Christmas!!! God Bless!

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